jorryt tichelaar | PhD Student


Jorryt Tichelaar received his master degree in molecular life sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. During his master, he worked in the group of Bernhard Englitz where he used electrophysiology and optogenetics to investigate neural activity during auditory sensory substitution. Enjoying the computational analysis, Jorryt performed a second internship in the group of Tobias Elze at Harvard Medical School. Here he applied machine learning to model the evolution of functional vision loss over time in glaucoma patients. Coming back to Neuroscience for his PhD, Jorryt is currently investigating the role of neuroinflamation in progressive basal ganglia dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease. Jorryt will conduct his PhD under supervision of Roshan Cool and Rick Helmich (Systems Neurology), and will apply modeling techniques to correlate inflammation markers to fMRI activity in Parkinson (PD) patients.

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