Monja Froböse PhD Student


Monja Froböse received her master degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen. She did her internship under supervision of Mieke van Holstein on cortico-striatal circuits and the interaction between motivation, cognition and action using TMS and fMRI. Afterwards, she workedas research assistant in the lab of Rita Goldstein (Mount Sinai Hospital, New York) on the topic of self-control failure (ie. cocaine addiction and impulsivity), before returning to Roshan's lab as a PhD student.

In her PhD she investigates the role of catecholamines on various cognitive control processes, such as working memory stabilization versus updating. More recently, she extended her work, now also investigating why we experience cognitive control as effortful and dopamine's role in value-based decision making regarding task engagement. She addresses these questions by combining pharmacology, fMRI and behavioral paradigms.

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