rebecca calcott | Post doc


Rebecca has long been curious about the factors that underlie variability in cognitive control, our capacity for goal-directed cognition. After completing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto, Rebecca pursued a Ph.D. with Elliot Berkman at the University of Oregon in order to further investigate this topic. Her dissertation focused on eye blink and pupillometric predictors in the stability versus flexibility of cognitive control. Rebecca then worked as a postdoc in Gesine Dreisbach’s Cognitive Control Lab at the University of Regensburg. Here, her research examined the effect of reward schedule on effortful engagement in a cognitive control task. Most recently, Rebecca has joined Roshan Cools at the Donders Institute to investigate the factors that underlie variability in preference to engage with fast versus slow tasks, and their relationship to dopaminergic modulation of effortful cognitive control.


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